Since 1993, Pinnacle LTD has been helping businesses and organizations develop strong, courageous leaders and effective, high performing teams.

Our Approach

We teach a simple, extremely effective leadership model that helps you stay aligned and focused on top people and tough issues, while practicing the values necessary to build trust throughout your organization and community.

  • Experiential learning with focus on behaviors tied to goals and hot issues solved by the team
  • Teach models for effective goal setting, alignment and communication
  • Help leaders and teams develop specific actions with accountability to achieve goals and remove barriers to success
  • Support leaders and teams in making the tough decision that will improve performance

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Our Programs

Our senior team will partner with you to develop a customized program that addresses your organizations’ unique needs, challenges and work culture. We create the space and lead the process to develop the leadership of each team member. Topics include:

  • Leading through Change
  • Organizational Goal Alignment
  • Individual and Team Development
  • Between Impact & Intention: Inspired effectiveness
  • The Leader as Coach: Developing Great People
  • High Performance Teamwork: Take Your Team to the Next Level
  • The Art of Feedback: Giving and Receiving it as a Gift
  • Effectively Dealing with Conflict
  • Managing Crisis and Criticism
  • On-going Coaching and Mentoring

Our Property

Pinnacle’s 400-acre campus is located in rural Kensington, NH, just 45 miles north of Boston. Your team has access to:

  • New Hampshire’s wild beauty
  • Open air and enclosed meeting spaces
  • Walking trails
  • Recreational ponds
  • 20-element aerial adventure park
  • Low and high professional ropes courses

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To learn more about how Pinnacle Leadership Training and Development can help your senior leadership and team grow, develop, and become dynamic change agents, contact:

Martha Prybylo